Ivan Yakovlev

I am a 3rd year PhD student at LaBRI in Bordeaux, in the Combinatorics and Interactions team.

My advisor is Vincent Delecroix.

I obtained my Master’s degree in Mathematics from École Normale Supérieure and Sorbonne Université in Paris.

E-mail: ivan.yakovlev (at) u-bordeaux.fr

You can find my CV here.

Research interests

Currently I am working on counting cylinders in square-tiled surfaces.

More generally, I am interested in the moduli spaces of curves and differentials (\(=\) hyperbolic and translation surfaces), combinatorial maps (\(=\) ribbon graphs), Hurwitz theory, intersection theory on \(\mathcal{M}_{g,n}\).



Refereed proceedings


January 2024Journées de combinatoire de Bordeaux, LaBRI, Bordeaux. (slides)
October 2023Geometry and Topology seminar, Université du Luxembourg.
May 2023LAMFA PhD seminar, LAMFA, Amiens.
March 2023ALEA days, CIRM, Marseille.
March 2023Journée cartes à Marne-la-Valée, Université Gustave Eiffel, Marne. (slides)
January 2023Seminar of Combinatorics and Interactions team, LaBRI, Bordeaux.
November 2022Algebraic geometry and moduli seminar, ETH Zurich. (slides)
April 2022Workshop of ANR Modiff, LaBRI, Bordeaux.
January 2022Seminar of Combinatorics and Interactions team, LaBRI, Bordeaux.

Picture proof of Masur's criterion.